• Rooms at Melin Pandy Bed and Breakfast

    The three guest rooms are all located on the ground floor. There are two double rooms and one twin room which all have spacious en-suites and are decorated and furnished to a high standard. All the rooms have flatscreen TV, hospitality tray, hairdryer, clock radio, toiletries and free Wi-Fi.

    Breakfast is served in the Dining Room which is on the first floor 8am-9am daily or earlier if required.

  • Breakfast Menu

    Breakfast at Melin Pandy Bed and Breakfast

    Breakfast at Melin Pandy Bed and Breakfast

    Fruit Juices, Yoghurts, Choice of Cereals, (contain wheat, barley, gluten, nuts)

    Full Breakfast
    Sausages, Bacon, Egg, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms & Hash Brown
    (Sausages contain wheat, sulphites)

    Vegetarian Breakfast (V)
    Vegetarian Sausages, Egg, Beans, Tomato, Mushrooms & Hash Brown
    (Sausages contain wheat, soya, sulphites)

    Smoked kippers served with Poached or Scrambled Egg and Toast
    These must be ordered the night before as they take 20 minutes to cook

    Light Breakfast (V)
    Fried, Poached, Scrambled, Boiled Egg, Beans or Tomato on Toast
    (Bread contains wheat, gluten. Roll contains wheat, gluten)

    Toasted Sandwich
    White or Wholemeal Toastie, filled with Cheese/Ham/Tomato
    (Bread contains wheat, rye, gluten)

    Contains Egg, with a choice of fillings Ham/Cheese/Mushroom

    White or Wholemeal Toast (contains wheat, soya, gluten)
    Marmalade & Jam

    Regular or Decaf Tea
    Filter, Decaf, Latte or Cappuccino Coffee
    Hot Chocolate

    As an alternative to a cooked breakfast, sandwiches may be ordered to take away.
    Ham & Cheese
    Tuna Salad
    On white or wholemeal bread (contains wheat, soya, gluten)

    For food intolerances or allergies, please ask for details.
    Gluten free alternatives are available.